We are Queen of Hearts.

We strive to…

…empower women of all backgrounds and ethnicities to find health & happiness for their families and themselves through the plant-based superseed of hemp.

…inspire positive health in our communities through Whole Hemp Health : Integrating the nutritional benefits of the hemp seed with the balancing qualities of phytocannabinoids to achieve greater overall health.

…only source, produce, and bring to market the highest quality hemp-derived products, grown via regenerative or organic growing methods to reduce impact on the environment…. always 100% American-Grown.




The Queen of Hearts Story

From cancer to nutrition…

We started Queen of Hearts to inspire health and happiness through hemp nutrition and wellness. How we got to that mission, however, came from a point of struggle and frustration….

For 10 years before embarking in food, Tonia Farman ran a nonprofit that helped young adults get their lives back after cancer. It was here that she discovered the diet and nutrition challenges so many people with health issues faced during and after battling their disease, in addition to the severe anxiety that occurs around post-treatment fear of recurrence. As a problem-solver, it pained her to witness the effects of the disease.

It was here where the Queen of Hearts story began…



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