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How Hemp is Helping Me Stay Grounded (And Nourished) During The Pandemic

October 20, 2020

When so much feels out of my control right now, having a routine can help me feel more grounded. I’ve struggled with sticking to an exercise routine or a good bedtime routine (it’s so hard to not look at my phone in bed!), but one routine I have down is breakfast. Specifically, oatmeal. I don’t drink coffee, so oatmeal must be my equivalent to a morning cup of joe. I enjoy the ritual and routine of cooking the oats and adding ingredients that I’ve refined over the years to make a nourishing and delicious meal.

My perfect bowl of oatmeal is 2 handfuls (very precise measure) of oats. I add water and raisins that I dehydrated from my neighbor’s grapes last year. While the oats are cooking on the stove, I break apart a handful of walnuts into bite size pieces into a bowl. I add the cooked oats to the bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon, and give a good stir to get the walnuts and cinnamon fully mixed in. Next, I top with a good heap of plain yogurt. I save the best part for last – delicious hemp hearts!- and sprinkle a healthy portion all over the top of my bowl.

After years of hemp-less oatmeal, I can safely say hemp hearts have brought my breakfast to a new level. I try to ration the hearts and make sure I get some into every spoonful as I eat, but they are always the first thing to go. The nuttiness of the hearts and walnuts balance out the dessert-y taste of the cinnamon, raisins and yogurt. Not to mention the nutrition hemp hearts add to my meal – lots of protein (10g in 3 tablespoons!), healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to start my day off right.

My bowl of oatmeal keeps me full and energized until lunch, and is something I look forward to every morning even when I know I have a challenging day ahead. I hope you too are able to find something, however small, to keep you feeling hopeful and positive during this time. It’s the simple pleasures that often bring the most joy.

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