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Tonia picking seeds

Our hearts (and oil) are not cheap.

And for that, we don’t apologize. We work to be the most premium brand on the market. That is not a cheap thing to achieve.

female makers

Some of my favorite queens.

It’s small business Saturday and I wanted to highlight some of my favorite female makers and their products. Here goes, clockwise from top left:

Hemp Seed Oil & Essential Fatty Acids

Time for a quick nutrition lesson to help you understand why you should consider including more hemp seed oil in your diet!Our bodies can create many of the fats we need to survive all on their own

Farman harvest Black Diamond

From 1946 to 2020

I thought I would share a moment from cucumber harvest for our family pickle company in 1946 in Skagit Valley, Washington. Everyone was part of harvest. It was a community event.

tonia kiteboarding school

How to run a food business while running a (gulp) kiteboarding school

You probably didn’t know that I have a second business that I’ve run every summer for 13 summers….a kiteboarding school! This is really what took up my summer. On a typical summer, I have 12 employees, 10 instructors, 6 jet skis and hundreds of clients.

Hemp Northwest Washington Hemp Grain Field

Pioneering in Pacific Northwest Hemp Grain slowly paying off

This month marks our third harvest of hemp grain in Washington State. While many brands are looking to jump on the hemp bandwagon and rush to be at the party, we’ve been slowly developing the relationships, the growers, the education and the supply.

We’re looking for some Marketing Help!

We have some marketing needs and we need help. We are seeking someone who can be both strategic and tactical, open to learning, and loves health, nutrition and wellness for our Marketing Coordinator role.

hemp hearts help

How Hemp is Helping Me Stay Grounded (And Nourished) During The Pandemic

When so much feels out of my control right now, having a routine can help me feel more grounded. That is where hemp seeds come in.

Mineral Spotlight: Phosphorus

If you’re just joining us, we have been spotlighting the many important but often forgotten minerals that are found in hemp foods. Today we are talking about the mineral phosphorus.

Mineral Spotlight: Manganese

Next up in our series on vitamins and minerals found in hemp foods is manganese! Not to be confused with magnesium, manganese is a mineral that is used in many body processes.

Mineral Spotlight: Iron

In our second of a series of blog posts on vitamins and minerals found in hemp foods, we are focusing on iron. Iron is critical in helping red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Mineral Spotlight: Magnesium

We hear a lot about nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, and their role in our diets, but what about vitamins and minerals? Although we need these kinds of nutrients in smaller amounts